Announcement Trailer!

Hey all,
Check out our first official trailer!

It's been a while since I posted on the devlog; I apologize.  The last few weeks have been a bit strained, and I didn't really care to complain too much publicly.  We've been making really good progress, but had to go back and make some revisions to different rooms before they could be added to the build and called final.  That was a pretty tedious and exhausting process. 

To make up for some lost time, I hired a new modeler, and, well.. that didn't pan out.   I paid $150 for work that we'll have to redo in the end.  Could have been much worse though!  I think the Knox Room is cursed!

All that isn't to say we're not progressing!  Just times got a bit tough for a minute.  We're hoping to be done with the game by the end of the month-ish, then do testing, revising, and taking a look at how things are feeling while we see what other additions we may want to add to the game and prepare for the Halloween launch!

We could use your help!  Youtube changed it's policies for linking URLs in uploaded videos.  We need more views on the trailer; if you wouldn't mind sharing the link on your facebook, twitter, etc feeds, we'd sure appreciate it!  Thanks!

The game's available for Pre-Order now!

Pre Order Now!!!

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