New Screenshots!

Hey all!  Sorry for the delay with updates.  During the last update, we were having some trouble with a team member, and ultimately parted ways with them.  It wasn't a fun experience, and posting about it didn't feel right, and I fell out of my weekly-ish posting.  Anyway, back on the horse!

Things are going well with the game, we're really happy with where it's at, but there's a lot left to do.   The release date remains a dangling carrot.  We're aiming for July, but October is probably more realistic.  Lots of little things left to do.  Here's some screenshots from the current build of the game:

Here's a mystery ghost in Burden's room:

And a puzzle from the music room.  Here, the player swaps slats of notes up and down the scale to play the right tune.  

Here's a pretty fun puzzle from Temple's Room; the player can move up,down, left, or right, advancing through the cards to flip every card.

Here's the mysterious Jacob in Temple's Room.  In the background, you can see one of the Kickstarter backer's portraits, as well as the caption at the bottom.  We've been working on captioning the entire game, so that we can then translate the captions for other languages and localisations.

Here's the latest version of the bathroom, and the final version of the bathroom puzzle:

Thanks all for following us!  Talk to you soon!


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Looks great. Very reminiscent of the earlier games.