Site hosting issues! 3D Progress

This week has been a ton of chaos with Godaddy, our soon-to-be-FORMER site hosting provider.  For several years, we've been hosting dev files on our server - 3d models, backups of video footage, etc.    Out of the blue I get a cold call, essentially saying it's a violation of service to host files there; either upgrade to a $900 (from $179) plan, move the files elsewhere, or they'll be automatically deleted within a week.

I get it; we needed to move the files, but the logistics of moving the files within a week were nearly impossible; it would take several days to download everything.   Several calls to customer service, including a talk with their supervisor, were fruitless.  Tho these files had been there for over two years, they were unwilling to give me any extension, a temporary upgrade, move the files somewhere, or find ANY solution.

I want to thank Steven Keller for helping me download these files, and others for offering their help.  I appreciate it very much!

I also want to thank the guys at   When they saw my frustrated facebook post, they threw me a free for 30 days VPS server - EXACTLY what I needed from Godaddy -  and helped me move files there until I could find a place to park them permanently.

It's been a frustrating experience; I can't believe Godaddy has handled this so hamfistedly, and been unflinching with their support, especially over a holiday weekend.

ANYWAY!  Game Stuff!

Brady and David are killing it with 3d modeling progress!

Brady is working on Richmond's Office in the asylum, and Heine's Room.

David's currently working on the models for the attic, library, music room, and the lab.  He's cranking through stuff as fast as I can get it to him!

At this rate, I hope to have the modeling done by May, then give us a few months afterward to test the game and make sure all's good.  Of course, we've set release dates before and been wrong, so no guarantees!  Progress, at the moment, is really good tho!

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