Site Hosting Issues (mostly) resolved. 3d Progress

Hey, just a quick update!

Our problems with GoDaddy persisted this week - I'd stored a backup of our video footage (and other things) on our site's server, and those had to be removed.   Even though these files had been there two years, GoDaddy only gave us only  a week to move them, though they took a full 10 days to download!  During that time, they took down our site, then killed ftp access, making it impossible to even download anything!

 Fortunately, all is resolved and we're with a new hosting company,  The site's still a bit under construction while we get things uploaded and reconfigured, so bear with us.

3D Stuff!!
Brady and David continue to knock out work quickly - the nurse's office in the asylum - the last room to finish, is being done now, as are the game room, music room, and heine's room.

Our goal is to finish the modeling by April, then get testing knocked out, and hopefully launch on Halloween.  We should know by January whether we're on track!

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