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The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest

A full motion video puzzle based horror game, set in the haunted Stauf Mansion. · By Attic Door Productions


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Good Press!
Our new trailer is getting some good press!
Announcement Trailer!
Hey all, Check out our first official trailer! It's been a while since I posted on the devlog; I apologize. The last few weeks have been a bit strained, and I...
Exterior Mansion, trailer plans, marketing update!
We're taking steps to make our first official game announcement trailer. Here's a very, very rough mockup of an image inside it: Dave Senter finished the car m...
Kitchen Revisit, Car Continued, etc
This week, Brady took a break from working on new rooms to revisit and make minor corrections to the models he's done so far. In total, he's finished 17 of...
Mansion Exterior, Car Compositing, etc.
David has been working on the mansion exterior model. Looks great so far! The other Dave is working on the Doctor's car; here's a very rough, low quality photo...
Exclusive Interview covering The 13th Doll!
Mike Sanders, a long time follower of our project, asked us for an interview for an article on Here's the end result, with some exclusive screensh...
Attic Stairs, Burden's Room, Misc Fixes
Hey all! Busy times with the holidays, illness, etc, but we're still hard at work! We've been working on a couple rooms per week - since the attic stairs are p...
Wonderworld Showroom!
Here's a new render of the WonderWorld Toy Store, hot off the press. Overall, looking good, we may adjust the lighting and coloring a bit more. Most of us have...